Saturday September 16, 2023

Saturday September 16, 2023



25 Championship Divisions Invited to 36th Enderle; CSS, SS FWD to Participate in First Pull-Off

Columbus, Ohio---The Enderle is trending upward yet again.

Eight years after expanding to a full card of 12 Grand National and 12 Regional National divisions, the Enderle Pull-Off Presented by Cow Tales, NTPA's annual all-star invitational, is fielding its largest and most diverse collection of competitors to date. The result will be a concourse and infield of the Champaign County Fairgrounds stuffed full of more horsepower than ever before on Saturday, September 16.

All 13 premier-level divisions---Light Super Stock, Super Stock Diesel, Super Stock Open, Super Farm, and Pro Stock Tractors; Two-Wheel-Drive, Four-Wheel-Drive, Super Stock Diesel 4x4, and Super Semi Trucks; and Mini, Light, Multi-Engine, and Unlimited Modifieds---will advance five qualifiers to the night session apiece based on championship points.

Meanwhile, 12 classes in the afternoon session will be stocked with champions and top point-earners from the Association's Regional circuits. The RN divisions with participants include Light Limited Super Stock, Classic Super Stock, Super Farm, Light Pro Stock, 4.1 Limited Pro Stock, and Hot Farm Tractors; Two-Wheel-Drive, Four-Wheel-Drive, Super Stock Four-Wheel-Drive, and Stainless Diesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 Trucks; and Mini and Multi-Engine Modifieds. 2023 will mark the first-ever appearance for the Classic Supers and Super Stock Four Wheel Drives.

Qualifying for several of the above slots began late in 2022 after the berths in the 35th Enderle were settled. Last year's results from Allegan and Hillsdale, Michigan; Dover and West Salem, Ohio; and Raleigh, North Carolina will figure into the tallies toward this year's berths.  Similarly, late-2023 events Allegan, Centreville, and Hillsdale, Michigan; Medina, Ohio; and Raleigh will count toward this year's titles but next year's Enderle.

Cow Tales Becomes a Presenting Sponsor for 2023


Cow Tales Logo 2015

COLUMBUS, OHIO – The National Tractor Pullers Association and Goetze’s Candy Company, Inc. have secured a sponsorship agreement for 2023. This new partnership is a presenting sponsorship in which the Cow Tales® candy brand will be the Presenting Sponsor for the 2023 Enderle Memorial Pull Off, in Urbana, Ohio, on Saturday, September 16. Cow Tales representatives will be in attendance for all of the activities that occur on that incredible day of pulling.

“Cow Tales® has been a sponsor in the past, and I am excited that they have returned to the 2023 pulling season. The organization leaders are professional, and this support will promote the Enderle Pull-Off in incredible ways,” said Gregg Randall, NTPA Executive Director.

Meghan Brody, Goetze’s Vice President of Strategy and Operations stated, “We are looking forward to many years of partnering with NTPA. One of the main ingredients of Cow Tales® is wheat flour which we source from American farmers which is why this sponsorship is close to our heart. The NTPA fanbase is so important to us, and we look forward to meeting many of those fans in Urbana this year.”

Goetze's Candy Company, Inc. was founded in 1895 as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company. In 1918, Goetze's began making Caramel Creams® and then Cow Tales® in 1984. Cow Tales® can be found at various retailers throughout the United States with some international distribution.

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