Saturday September 17, 2022

Saturday September 17, 2022


Enderle 2022: List of Regional National Competitors

The 35th Enderle Pull-Off will welcome 45 competitors for the Regional National portion. The RN classes will start at 5 p.m. Eastern, both in-person and broadcast live on

Pull order will be determined by random draw via the regular NTPA entry system. Class order will be announced on the day of show.

RN Light Limited Super Stock

  • Chris Rydahl/Chicken Coop Special
  • Jim Rodgers/90 Proof
  • Roland Thompson/Hummin’ Harvester

RN Heavy Super Stock

  • Barry Eliker/Buckeye Bandit
  • Ken Rachner/Long-Haul Harvester
  • Scott Feldkamp/Trophy Buck

RN Super Farm

  • Kevin Mignault/Green Energy
  • Steve Yaggy/Holy Smokes
  • Daniel McDonald/Bad Boy
  • Jon Silsby/Crop Doctor
  • Nick Capozzo/Cruel Intentions

RN Light Pro Stock

  • Travis Tilton/Always $omethin’
  • Shaun Thornhill/Red Avenger Classic
  • Al Cook/Black Thunder
  • Kendall Beasley/Hi-Gear Harvester
  • Mike Palmer/Red Avenger

RN Limited Pro Stock

  • Patrick Payne/Bad to the Bone
  • Kevin Lindstrom/Hyper Harvester
  • Matt Lindstrom/Adrenaline Rush
  • James Giese/Hicktown Hurricane

RN Hot Farm

  • Everett Wilkerson/Just One More
  • Brian Carrington/Endle$$
  • Tim Jones/Against the Odds
  • Alan Daily/No-Name Deere

RN Two Wheel Drive

  • Marshall Foiles/Kickstart My Heart
  • Matt Sites/Buckeye Hooker II
  • Chad Timmerman/Showdown
  • Jimmy Johnson/Carolina Charger
  • Tom Eisman/Whipper Snapper II

RN Four Wheel Drive

  • Ron Newell/Temporary Insanity
  • David O’Connor/Nasty Boys
  • Bill Suchy/Totally Geared

RN Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0

  • Frank Kruger/Smoke Show
  • Jake Widman/Under Pressure
  • Eric Widman/BIg Red

RN Modified Mini

  • Todd Bultman/Stress Relief
  • Dave Lacey/Triple Play Unchained
  • Christopher Burnett/Li’l Disaster
  • Jimmy Thigpen/Satisfaction
  • Kodey Singletary/Carolina Night Train
  • Dave Lacey/Triple Play: Double or Nothing

RN Modified

  • Joe Schoenemann/Raptor
  • Ken Miller/Corn & Soybean Special
  • Todd Feiss/S’no Farmer
  • Adam Revier/Iron Phoenix

Enderle 2022: List of Grand National Competitors

The 35th Enderle Pull-Off will welcome 60 competitors for the Grand National portion. The GN classes will follow the Regional National show and awards both in-person and broadcast live on

Pull order will be determined by driver selection in order of GN point standings finish. Class order will be announced on the day of show.

GN Light Super Stock

  • Adam Spiegelberg/Detonator Black
  • Marcus Wettleson/Gunpowder & Lead
  • Craig Smith/Whiskey’s Fine
  • Mark Hootman/Hooter’s Scooter
  • Chris Linville/Ridge Runner

GN Super Stock Diesel

  • Travis Schlabach/Bone Twister
  • Kent Payne/Super Rooster
  • Chris Cain/Aces Wild
  • Matt Goodwin/Intimidator
  • Mark Bradish/M-80

GN Super Stock Open

  • John Strickland/GALOT II
  • Brent Payne/Get a Load of That
  • Aaron Hull/Taking Care of Business
  • Aaron Hull/Out of Time
  • Jordan Lustik/Silver Bullet

GN Super Farm

  • Gary Schyvinch/New Attitude
  • Ryan Anderson/Check’n Out
  • Dave Whelan/My Last Excuse
  • Brad Hart/Don’t Ask
  • Tony Sietsema/Wolverine Deere

GN Pro Stock

  • Danny Schmucker/Rampage
  • Julia Ray/MAC Daddy
  • Mike Conny/MAC Nasty
  • Kevin Schmucker/Git-Er-Dun Deere
  • Tim Cain/Red Gambler

GN Two Wheel Drive

  • Brent Secrest/Nuthin’ EZ ‘Bout It
  • Wayne Timmerman/Showtime
  • Jessie Petro/Kathy’s Komplaint
  • Jessie Petro/Buckeye Hauler
  • Renee Theobald/Pretty Wicked

GN Four Wheel Drive

  • Jake Zaring/Rule #19
  • Jim Holman/4 Play
  • Carmen Foster/Foster Child
  • Jake Zaring/Fatheadz Eyewear
  • Ike Zaring/Bucket List

GN Super Stock Diesel 4x4

  • Shane Kellogg/Trump
  • Justin Gearhart/Cream of the Crop
  • Todd Dugan/Angry Shine
  • Todd Dugan/Angry Farmer Penetrating Spray
  • Nick Gillett/Top Shelf

GN Super Semi

  • Ryan DeBroux/Playin’ with Fire
  • Lonny Sailor/Holy Smokes
  • Pat Eilen/Keep on Truckin’
  • Tom Eilen/Just Passin’ Thru in Class
  • Ben Gordon/Let ‘Er Rip Tater Chip

GN Modified Mini

  • Adam Bauer/Iron Toy
  • Adam Bauer/Cowboy Up
  • Grant Theobald/Li’l Wicked
  • C.J. Graczyk/Pile Driver
  • Chase Richardson/Vibrator

GN Modified

  • Bret Berg/Renk Seed Money Maker
  • Tommy Owens/Ramblin’ Rose
  • Les Korporal/Korporal Punishment
  • Doug Christensen/Pack Rat 4
  • Jeff Rose/Giddy Up

GN Unlimited

  • Joe Eder/EMAX
  • Steve Bollinger/Money Pit
  • Dave Richardson/4-Sum
  • Chuck Knapp/Screamin’ D
  • Ricky Rose/Giddy Up


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