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Saturday September 14, 2019


33rd Enderle Pull-Off: 23 Divisions will Advance 107 Competitors to Esteemed Invitational

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Worthington, Ohio---Four years ago, pulling’s most prestigious event underwent a significant expansion. To commemorate its 10th year as a standalone event at Urbana, Ohio’s Champaign County Fairgrounds, the Enderle Pull-Off grew to include all 12 Grand National divisions and every Regional National division that competed across multiple territories.

Competitors and fans alike were introduced to a new qualification process. Complicated? A bit. But one thing was—and remains—easy to explain: Every hook matters.

On Saturday, September 14, the 33rd edition of the Kent & Joan Enderle Memorial Pull-Off will once again bring over 100 competitors to southwestern Ohio for the chance to maximize their shares of over $100,000 with one last run at summer’s end.

GN competitors will number 65 (five from each of 13 divisions) in the evening’s second session. Qualification for those precious slots coincides with GN competitors’ championship pursuits that commence at Benson, North Carolina’s Mule City 300 May 31-June 1 and conclude at Sandwich, Illinois’ DeKalb County Fair Grand Nationals on September 5 and 7.

Meanwhile, four regions will advance 42 competitors across 10 divisions: Light Super Stock, Heavy Super Stock, Super Farm, Light Pro Stock, and Limited Pro Stock Tractors; Two-Wheel-Drive, Four-Wheel-Drive, and StainlessDiesel Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 3.0 Trucks; and Mini and Multi-Engine Modifieds. (Complete list of RN All-Star Qualifiers.)

For several of those slots, qualification began in September and October of 2018 in Allegan, Michigan, Dover and West Salem, Ohio, and Raleigh, North Carolina. And for two of them, Raleigh was both the beginning and the end of qualifying.

The first 2019 event along the regional Road to the Enderle is Ellsworth, Wisconsin’s Showdown in Curdtown, which will launch qualifying for eight Region III berths on Saturday, June 8. The next two are Saturday, June 15, and both are Pro National raised-purse contests that are new to the NTPA calendar. New Castle, Pennsylvania and Hoopeston, Illinois.

Just under three months of intense competition later, qualifying will wrap in Old Washington, Ohio on Monday, September 9 for Two Wheel Drives, Diesel 3.0s, and Modifieds. Remaining 2019 events will count toward potential berths in the 2020 Enderle.

In between, the paths to over three dozen slots are diverse and divergent. Most will go to regional or subregional 2019 champions (or top point-earners, as it takes three scheduled appearances to award a title). Two will go to top earners across portions of regions and two more to runners-up, while one division (LSS) will combine two regions to award two berths. Four divisions have planned at-large qualifiers from combined territories. And wraparounds from 2018 will influence (or decide) 16 berths.

To earn points toward Enderle GN or RN qualifying, a vehicle must be registered at that level at the time of competition. Vehicles may not be licensed at both levels, and before points are assigned, the NTPA system removes from a national class’ finishing order those vehicles that are not same-level-registered.

While it is possible for the same vehicle to earn multiple championships in the same division, a vehicle may earn only one Enderle berth in a given division. If a vehicle satisfies the conditions for two (three, etc.) berths in the same division, the paths to those berths are combined and the second-place (third place, etc.) competitor across the combined paths is awarded an at-large berth. This is in keeping with the late Mr. Enderle’s philosophy of rewarding the competitors who run the hardest.

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